Council of Elders Endorses Pulaku Project


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Laawol Fulfulde, a committee of Fulani elders in Benin, expresses their support for the Pulaku Photo Project.  Laawol Fulfulde convenes to make social and political decisions on behalf of the Fulani ethnicity in Benin, and they also work to preserve the linguistic and cultural heritage of the Fular people.  You can view their letter of endorsement here (in French):


English translation:

On behalf of the Fulfulde Committee of Benin, I am proud to endorse the Pulako Photo Project. We anticipate that your efforts will enable a global audience to appreciate the unique characteristics of our culture.

We are proud to see such collaboration between one of our own young leaders and an American photographer with the experience to portray the nuances of Fular life. While outsiders have previously documented Fulani culture, we expect this intimate approach will yield fresh insights.

We offer our full support and endorsement. Please keep us informed of how we may contribute to the fruitful success of this project.

Colonel Sule Mama Sambo, President of Laawol Fulfulde


2 Responses to “Council of Elders Endorses Pulaku Project”

  1. Alicia Legault says:


    Tout d’abord bravo pour votre initiative et vos photos.
    je suis étudiante en anthropologie, je m’intéresse à l’islam en Afrique de l’Ouest. Je m’intéresse également au groupe peul, j’aimerais savoir si votre projet se continue et quelles ont été les répercussions?

    Je suis sur Paris mais originaire de Montréal.

    je vous remercie!


  2. Tiago says:

    Very nice post. I lived close to Katampe hill at one time but never knew there was a Fulani village nrbeay.Sometimes I wonder why it is so clear to foreigners that the real problem in Nigeria is a tiny elite class stealing from an impoverished majority. Nigerians never seem to see it that way to them the problem lies in their different religious ideologies or cultural/ethnic identities. These trivial issues continue to cloud the real problems on the ground.