Final Count-Down…


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Well it’s been quite awhile since we’ve updated the site. So, are we resting on our laurels from the amazing Goja ceremony? Not at all.

We’ve both been busy tying up loose ends so we can fully commit ourselves to the Pulaku Project in January. Guida has been finishing up his exams at the university of Abomey-Calavi while Christoph has been handing off the reins of the Moringa Association of Benin to a new Peace Corps volunteer. We’ve also been wranglin’ all sorts of logistics, from the budget details to our motorcycle setup and visa applications. We’ve got so much work to do that traversing West Africa might be the easy part.

What’s more, Guida has been broadening his internet horizons. He just set up a facebook account, so be sure to add him to your friends! He’s also discovered the crazy concept of blogging. Stay tuned for some perspective straight from the Fulani half of this project (direct, unedited, in French). We’ve been getting some great feedback from our friends and supporters, and we hear you want a more personal feel, so we’ll be adding more “bloggish” content in addition to the fancy photo-video montages. After all, we’re just a couple guys out to have a big adventure – so we’ll be sharing all the highs and lows and in-betweens right here on the website.

We’re so thankful to those of you who’ve ordered photographs to sponsor the project. We’ve now achieved nearly two thirds of our budget requirements. We need to raise $4000 and we’ve earned over $2500 so far through photo sales and contributions. So, if you’re thinking about contributing to the project, now’s the time! We’ve got just one month left before we hit the road. Print Pre-orders make great Christmas Gifts:


Recently we’ve been getting some great media coverage. After making the rounds all over Cotonou, we got our story on six different newspaper websites. Check it out:

Benin Actu

Notre Temps


Le Telegramme



And even a popular pulaar-language site: Mbiimi

Many thanks to Theresa and Bertrand Sondjo, a former Peace Corps volunteer and her husband who run a great website design business in Benin. They took us all over town to make media connections in Cotonou, and helped out with our website too!

We were also invited to the national television studio to feature on a children’s show.  Take a look at two nervous dudes – we’d better get a little more comfortable in front of the camera!


One Response to “Final Count-Down…”

  1. Roberto says:

    haha This was great! Reminds me of the Brazilian show ‘Xuxa’. You guys did great Cristoph, you didn’t look nervous at all man, great work! I am an American, my dad is Fulani from Guinea Bissau so I don’t speak French but I enjoyed the video and appreciate what you are doing for our people. Keep up the good work and have a great holiday to the both of you!

    P.S., You really gotta send me one of those outfits you had on, that was classic! lol