Pulaku goes bilingual!


Attentive readers will notice a slight change to our website – there’s now a French flag at the top of the page.

Well there’s something big hidden behind that flag.  We’ve translated the whole site into French, opening the Pulaku Project to a wider audience.  Now, our supporters in francophone Africa and Europe can follow along.

While we can’t promise that every update will be bilingual, we’ll do our best to keep everybody in the loop.

What’s more, Guida is going to start blogging in French, and we’ll do our best to provide English translations on the fly.

We owe a special thank-you to the slow burocrats in Cotonou, who left us bored waiting for our license plates.  If it weren’t for them, we’d be on the road instead of translating dozens of pages.  Now we’re ready for those plates, please…


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