Spinning Cotton in Cinkanssé, Togo


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We spent our last night in Togo in Cinkanssé a crossroads where Togo, Ghana, and Burkina Faso meet. The local Fulani chief welcomed us at this compound, even killing a rooster for our super. The next morning, before we hit the road to Ghana, he took us to see a group of Fulani women who continue to practice an ancient craft:

Using locally-harvested cotton, they spin the fibers into thread that will be woven into fabric.

As male visitors, it’s often difficult for us to capture the personalities of Fulani women, who tend to be quite reserved around men. Fortunately, these ladies were relaxed and cheerful with us:

20110222-IMG_2698.jpg 20110222-IMG_2709.jpg
Before we knew it, we were spectators to an impromptu musical performance:

And this old guy enjoyed his turn in front of the photographers too!


2 Responses to “Spinning Cotton in Cinkanssé, Togo”

  1. StillSkinny says:

    That was one funky time signature in that fulani song.

  2. John Kern says:

    The short Fulani music video in Cinkansse,Togo is a folkloric classic.
    Guida do you know what the women are saying/chanting while they are clapping?
    John Kern