Fulani Freestyle Rap

Our visit to Bôkôlô turned out to be a gold mine of stories for the Pulaku Project. Not only did we talk to folks about the water problem and photograph the incredible tattoo ritual, we also met Abdou:


After we’d settled into our mosquito nets for the evening, Abdou came over with a crew of youngsters. They put on quite a performance for us, singing and dancing for more than an hour.


Then, Abdou stole the show with his improvised freestyle rap. Click here to listen or download the file:


He continued like that for 5 minutes straight!


Surely you’re wondering what he’s saying. We don’t know. His friends don’t know. Even Abdou doesn’t know. He claims it just spills out like that. Incredible.


One Response to “Fulani Freestyle Rap”

  1. diamanka says:

    super je comprend ce qu’il dit mais c’est trés rapide donc on attrape des mots, mais difficile de donner un sens, en tout cas il ne dit pas n’importe quoi trés emouvant la maitrise… merci pour ce beau projet un peulh bordelais france.