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Christoph and Guida are busy developing partnerships with media and cultural organizations both in Africa and the US.

The Comité Fulfulde, a council of Fulani elders in Benin, has endorsed the Pulaku Project as a valuable contribution to the preservation of Fulani culture.

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Please spread the word about the Pulaku Photo Project.  We’d be happy to prepare material for your website, blog, newsletter, radio show, film, or newspaper/magazine article.

If you’d like to join our effort to share the stories of the world’s largest nomadic population, please contact us.

Our Partners:

Comité Fulfulde

Dr. John Kern, social/cultural historian

Salomon Matchoudou, Fulbe linguist

Lewlewal Group Networks

Rohan Mahy – website/tech advisor

Tabital Pulaaku International – worldwide Fulbe network and online forum

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